Infinitely adjustable belts - Anthoni Crown GmbH


The Anthoni Crown accessory label has come up with something completely new. A limited edition of two exclusive “underpass” buckles. Thanks to this new system, the end of the belt slides inside and remains invisible. Loose belt ends are finally a thing of the past. Anthoni Crown belts are luxury for both waist and hips. In addition to having this “underpass”, these special designer pieces are infinitely adjustable. With just a tip of the finger you can adjust the same belt to fit either around the waist or hips. Punched and worn holes in the leather are thus also a thing of the past.The first buckle is square-shaped with a delicate floral motif and is available in gold, silver and titanium. The jeweller’s masterpiece is the filigree workmanship. The surface is meticulously varnished by hand in five great trend colours – turquoise, royal blue, red, taupe and black.The second buckle with its curved shape and glittering Swarovski crystals will certainly make the hearts of art nouveau enthusiasts beat faster.The proven quality of the belts by Anthoni Crown is, of course, available in various colours and designs. With real calfskin on the outside and light-coloured suede leather on the inside the belts are very comfortable.